:( may have overdone it.

I did 30,000 ish steps on my walk yesterday and 32,000 ish steps today. It wasn’t supposed to be that long today but I had to take a detour back into town trying to find somewhere. I now feel extremely stiff and my calf muscle hurts. I probably have lots of blisters on my feet too because they feel sore. I do have a car but it was a nice day so I walked to the next town to get what I needed from one of the cheaper supermarkets. It really isn’t as far as it seems. I can get from my home at the edge of one town to the centre of the other in just 8,000 ish steps. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not used to walking miles. It’s something you need to work up to otherwise you probably won’t be able to walk that distance. I measured myself today. I still have 40 inch hips but my waist has gone down to 31 and my bust is 38. I am kind of bloated at the moment due to monthly being due next week. That slows the weight loss process. Once my weight goes down more those measurements should also go down. It’s pinged back up again but sometimes it does that when it’s about to go down.

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