I’m not sure if being intuitive is meant to be a good thing.

I feel things. I make no secret of that. However, intuition can be annoying when you’re the only one who can feel how manipulative and selfish someone else is and can literally feel their games they play behind closed doors with others that they know. I can feel what A says behind my back. She’s full of bullshit. She thinks that she is it etc. I liked her when I first met her but after what she did to me her personality has made me not like her. She somehow still has an unhealthy thing about me. I feel it. She’s trying to make out it’s the other way round, but that ship has sailed between us. She blew it. I saw her very ugly personality and I could NEVER want that ever again. I wouldn’t trust her even if she did reach out and apologise because there would probably be some hidden agenda which involved getting me into trouble. She picked on the wrong person. I can see right through her now that I’m out of the headspace that trauma left me in at the time I met her. I’m not clouded by anything now. I would advise anyone not to believe her lies because she is just trouble. It doesn’t matter how she ended up becoming trouble. She may have been made like that by her life experiences, but it doesn’t make her any less dangerous. I know that life stuff can emotionally turn you into an awful person due to inner turmoil etc but that is never an excuse to be cruel against someone who reached out to them. I didn’t deserve what happened or the order on my name for life etc. I hope that she realises one day and feels so guilty for accusing me of stuff I never did. I did some stuff but never with the intent of how she made things out to be.

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