Sorted stuff out in Hinckley while on a walk.

As it is a nice day and really quite warm for an October day. I got a few bits that I needed, cancelled my gym membership because the injury on my finger is just not getting better so I can’t use it. I hate going in and cancelling those things because they try to get people to stay. I would if I could physically pick up weights etc. I can only walk and that is only if I strap my knee up sometimes. I went to the place that my ex probation officer inhabits on a Monday and Friday but there was no one around and there is no way of just walking into that building any more. The venue is supposed to be open but for some reason it isn’t. They shouldn’t be closed for lunch that late. He said I could go see him with any system enquiries even after that probation period ended. I met him in the street last time and he told me when he was over here. I’m getting ready to chase up the 117-section aftercare discharge thing next week because the Leicestershire partnership trust hasn’t got back to the assigned social worker or her manager. These kinds of people deal with these things as part of their job so it would have been handy to catch him today. I spoke to him months ago so they may have been moved to a different venue due to probation services being changed from their private to public ownership again.

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