Sorted stuff out in Hinckley while on a walk.

As it is a nice day and really quite warm for an October day. I got a few bits that I needed, cancelled my gym membership because the injury on my finger is just not getting better so I can’t use it. I hate going in and cancelling those things because they try to get people to stay. I would if I could physically pick up weights etc. I can only walk and that is only if I strap my knee up sometimes. I went to the place that my ex probation officer inhabits on a Monday and Friday but there was no one around and there is no way of just walking into that building any more. The venue is supposed to be open but for some reason it isn’t. They shouldn’t be closed for lunch that late. He said I could go see him with any system enquiries even after that probation period ended. I met him in the street last time and he told me when he was over here. I’m getting ready to chase up the 117-section aftercare discharge thing next week because the Leicestershire partnership trust hasn’t got back to the assigned social worker or her manager. These kinds of people deal with these things as part of their job so it would have been handy to catch him today. I spoke to him months ago so they may have been moved to a different venue due to probation services being changed from their private to public ownership again.

I am completely exhausted. Random stuff happened today.

I am glad that others keep saying I look like I have my spark back… I’m kind of exhausted though. I have not stopped for days apart from to sleep and that is only for 5 hours ish a night. That is at least more than I was getting for a long time. Firstly, what is it with everyone putting the same tone of colour in their hair? I was one of the first to put this colour in my hair and then everyone has slowly followed. I was trying to be different and now I blend in again. I know it’s halloween and half of those putting sprigs of purple pink in their hair will most likely not keep it … but I want to be known for the mermaid hair. I’ve blended the colour into my hair in that kind of style. I snapped another hair tie tonight (my thick hair finishes off a few a year) which is getting more of a regular occurrence now that it’s getting long. I always have a full set at the beginning of the year and only one or two by the end of the year. Anyway, something weird happened earlier when I was cleaning. I had the pile of tarot cards on my bedside table. 3 fell on the floor with their faces upwards. They were the magician, two of swords and six of wands. Magician is the manifestation card and it’s positive because that card wasn’t reversed. Two of swords could be about decisions. I know for sure that the six of wands definitely means success, victory… it’s only normally a positive card. Just after my son got adopted and the university stuff was in the very beginnings of kicking off to do with A etc, the cards tumbled all over the floor with the tower card (that is one you don’t want to see if you wish for a trouble free life) on top of the pile that had spread underneath it. I don’t know what todays cards were in relation to but I do know that life is given to us in cycles… maybe my bad cycle is finally over because I’ve become what I’m meant to be. It only ends when we have completed the stages of the journey that we are meant to go down. I don’t know but that is what I’ve heard.