Morning is unpleasant after insomnia.

Mister (cat) is also not keen on being awake today. I can’t have a lie in because my mother is coming over to help me clean my flat. It isn’t great at the moment because my finger has repeatedly swollen up when trying up use it. I’ve tried to do things, but it isn’t easy. Insomnia kicked in with vengeance last night (think its hormone related as I have the cold sore thing that comes up on my face just before my monthly, due on next week). I’m literally scared to meet people now. Literally don’t want to be judged on any aspect of who I am. That was something that happened in the past. I am open on here which sometimes gets judgmental reactions from others. I live in a small area so I’m used to it but that doesn’t make it any easier. I can’t be a normal average person because I’m not that. I can only show off bits of who I am for Halloween because most stuff I can do doesn’t happen on demand. I can read tarot cards, show off my haunted doll (supposedly, she hasn’t made herself known yet, but I got her off eBay), I have smudge sticks and a crystal ball (haven’t learnt to read using that yet because I don’t particularly need tools). Then there are things I can’t show that have happened to me quite a lot. For example: I’ve met several people I knew that I was going to meet before I actually met them. I literally must have seen them in my head in dreams or something before I met them. I get most of my information from dreams in general which is not something I can really show off.

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