Things are changing … slowly but at least it’s in the right direction.

I’m now finally home properly for the evening after mister was back from the vets and I had a walk. I am finally enjoying a nice rest in the bath. Mister has antibiotics for two weeks and painkillers to help with his infection. I also have to change the wet food to the version that doesn’t cause crystals to form in the bladder of neutered cats. I was never told that originally. They just told me I had to change the dry food originally.

I have noticed recently that the narrative is starting to change out there. There have been small bits on the mainstream radio and things online that never have previously been discussed out in the public domain. For instance, asexuality. That was actually discussed on radio 1 the other day when I was just about to get out of the car. I’ve never heard that anywhere before. I only realised that I probably fitted into that category because those I explained it to gave me the information saying I probably fitted into that category. Asexual is when a person has no sexual attraction to another individual. It doesn’t mean that they can’t like anyone in a non sexual way. I seem to go for intelligence and people who are a little what others would refer to as odd and not very empathetic. Hey now we know why I fell for A so fast etc. I can assure everyone that I am one person you can absolutely guarantee isn’t looking at you picturing you naked or sexually fantasising etc. I have never needed to go there in my life. That is why I don’t see the point in being in a relationship. I don’t NEED that side of things. Obviously, I’ve had a child so I’m not a virgin. I felt absolutely nothing when we went there to create Jonny. It was a purely functional act for me because that is how you get pregnant. People never knew it was an actual thing until many others started saying that they just had no sexual desires either. The narratives that we have been taught aren’t necessarily correct. Most stem from religion and the education system is a backward collective that desperately needs updating. It isn’t fit for purpose for most students growing up within these new narratives nowadays. We are told what to hate and what we should like. That doesn’t mean that we should chose that path. I want to go back to that system but I won’t until campaigning etc from others out there changes those organisations. We wonder why we are having to get professionals from abroad rather than our own being able to attract our own citizens is because the education system is so bad and expensive way out of a lot of peoples price ranges. I’m just a blogger who couldn’t even pass the gcse maths so may be I don’t know what I’m talking about. I managed to get every other subject that I ever studied way after I had officially left school. I got them in 2016 so it wasn’t long ago.

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