So… I’m officially 35 and anything I promised after having alcohol last night probably won’t be possible.

Well, it’s official… I’m nearly over the hill (35 years old today) and the days of looking young/attractive are now behind me. I may have messed around too much last night. I kind of promised to do something really psychologically scary for Halloween. I do have the ability to reach into people’s minds and take out information from their feelings, past, present or other random information but I simply can’t do it on demand. The only time that I have ever done it has been somewhat an accident when I’m highly emotional. I was able to do it with A and somehow (don’t ask me how it works) I seem to still have some kind of energy cord linked to her despite the situation that we continue to be in. I don’t tend to try to use my gifts because it can freak people out. That is probably partly the reason why A hasn’t reconsidered ever speaking to me (other reasons is what happened in the past, other people’s views on the situation and me). People seem to think that I can read their private thoughts just by being in communication with me. I wish that I could do this stuff on demand, but I haven’t mastered that yet. I’m a natural born Witch that can only really be myself at times like Halloween. I seem to look good in horror type costumes and filters… maybe I’m just supposed to be a mystical weird type of individual. I just cannot be normal, it’s like impossible. I could have been born on the actual date of Halloween if my mother hadn’t been induced earlier because I stopped growing (always been a pain in the ass right from conception).

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