Birthday going ok … so far.

As far as birthdays go this one hasn’t been too bad. I put a load of weight on because it is near that time of the month… bloat week. I’m making sure that is all it is by upping my exercise routine last night. I used to do 100 of each exercise did 200 last night. If I have to fight my hormones I will. I went out without even eating today because I cut calories where I can. I don’t really feel hungry she. I first wake up. It’s now going to decide to rain on me. It isn’t that bad yet but hopefully it doesn’t do a repeat of yesterday. It’s started to come down heavy but I’m hoping this is just a shower. I had to get petrol so parked my car in Hinckley. I didn’t walk here today. I don’t think I’m leg will take that long of a walk. I don’t have the support on today. It started the other leg off which is the knee I thought had gone back to normal. Now the one I had the support on is really skinny around my kneecap and the other one looks fatter. I’m still thinking about the pride angel service. I would have gone for it by now if I hadn’t had such a bad experience the first time around. I know they the system can just walk in and take subsequent children after you’ve had one adopted despite what anyone says about the 5 years thing. I still have my disability that I won’t ever get rid of, so I have to be strategic about how I do this thing if I’m going ahead with it. It also doesn’t help that I already know what I’m walking into. I have to be at least mentally prepared for that and I can’t go into it being petrified that the system will walk in and take another baby from me. I don’t trust them, but I know the years are also passing fast and time will run out.

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