Thanks for all birthday wishes on every platform.

I have tried to like every happy birthday comment on social media and had a few in my inbox (some may be automated from places I’m a member etc so those probably were not sent to me on a personal level. However, there was a lot more than I expected so this is the easiest way for me to say thank you to everyone. I didn’t do anything special … long walk is normal for me. The cat will definitely probably need to go back to the vets again tomorrow so I’m already in bed hoping to sleep earlier to sort him out in the morning. I don’t really have anything more to add. I will most likely do a proper blog at some point tomorrow. I had ideas pinging around my head but I’m just too tired to do any of them tonight.

Birthday going ok … so far.

As far as birthdays go this one hasn’t been too bad. I put a load of weight on because it is near that time of the month… bloat week. I’m making sure that is all it is by upping my exercise routine last night. I used to do 100 of each exercise did 200 last night. If I have to fight my hormones I will. I went out without even eating today because I cut calories where I can. I don’t really feel hungry she. I first wake up. It’s now going to decide to rain on me. It isn’t that bad yet but hopefully it doesn’t do a repeat of yesterday. It’s started to come down heavy but I’m hoping this is just a shower. I had to get petrol so parked my car in Hinckley. I didn’t walk here today. I don’t think I’m leg will take that long of a walk. I don’t have the support on today. It started the other leg off which is the knee I thought had gone back to normal. Now the one I had the support on is really skinny around my kneecap and the other one looks fatter. I’m still thinking about the pride angel service. I would have gone for it by now if I hadn’t had such a bad experience the first time around. I know they the system can just walk in and take subsequent children after you’ve had one adopted despite what anyone says about the 5 years thing. I still have my disability that I won’t ever get rid of, so I have to be strategic about how I do this thing if I’m going ahead with it. It also doesn’t help that I already know what I’m walking into. I have to be at least mentally prepared for that and I can’t go into it being petrified that the system will walk in and take another baby from me. I don’t trust them, but I know the years are also passing fast and time will run out.

So… I’m officially 35 and anything I promised after having alcohol last night probably won’t be possible.

Well, it’s official… I’m nearly over the hill (35 years old today) and the days of looking young/attractive are now behind me. I may have messed around too much last night. I kind of promised to do something really psychologically scary for Halloween. I do have the ability to reach into people’s minds and take out information from their feelings, past, present or other random information but I simply can’t do it on demand. The only time that I have ever done it has been somewhat an accident when I’m highly emotional. I was able to do it with A and somehow (don’t ask me how it works) I seem to still have some kind of energy cord linked to her despite the situation that we continue to be in. I don’t tend to try to use my gifts because it can freak people out. That is probably partly the reason why A hasn’t reconsidered ever speaking to me (other reasons is what happened in the past, other people’s views on the situation and me). People seem to think that I can read their private thoughts just by being in communication with me. I wish that I could do this stuff on demand, but I haven’t mastered that yet. I’m a natural born Witch that can only really be myself at times like Halloween. I seem to look good in horror type costumes and filters… maybe I’m just supposed to be a mystical weird type of individual. I just cannot be normal, it’s like impossible. I could have been born on the actual date of Halloween if my mother hadn’t been induced earlier because I stopped growing (always been a pain in the ass right from conception).