The cards are the best they’ve ever been…

The key to manifesting what you want to happen is let go of the urgency of wanting it now. These cards are the best I’ve ever got on the A situation. These point to strategic planning presently, hidden / crossroad decisions and the future card is meaning success. Hope can still be there even if you let go of the goal and stop so stubbornly wanting it your way right now. Things aren’t ever on our ‘time scale’. I’m hoping it’s not a few decades away… these spreads normally predict the next 6 months so it probably won’t be. I can guarantee anyone they’ll never meet someone so naturally connected to everything and just with the added slice of weird layered on top ever again. I carry a darkness with me that I have learnt to use in my life to be creative and stand out. That mixture is unique to me. That will probably never be found in another person… not in the exact same way.

Present, thoughts & feelings, obstacles and outcome reading
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