‘87 seems to be everywhere. I came first in the walking challenge.

I keep being reminded that I’m 35 years old. The tv has been talking about the great storm (hurricane) of ‘87. Now it’s on about the music of ‘87. Weirdly, I have liked these songs for ages. I never realised a lot of them were released the year I was born. May I just remind everyone I’m not quite 35… still 34 for another week. And, just like a hurricane… I came first on the gym clubs walking challenge (see photo below). I was determined to win the challenge to prove to everyone that has ever looked down on me and judged me negatively. I am the most determined, committed person that they could have ever met. The autism, suspected BPD etc are a factor that I cannot help at times, but I am standing up and saying that I matter. If I have to unleash myself on the world to get what I want and need just like a hurricane, then I will do so. If I’m not given respect willingly, I’m prepared to demand it (in a nice way of course).

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