Invalidation of experiences happening again.

I will not allow invalidation of our experiences by anyone on social media or otherwise. Especially when it comes from other women. I will not be looked down on and invalidated by them. I am totally sure about what happened in my case and how I lost my son. This poster may know people who have mental health problems and forms of autism who have children, but everyone has a different situation. These people that they speak of most likely weren’t labelled a criminal for their autism issues and sectioned as a teenager. When they had a child, the system wasn’t against it from the very beginning offering them an abortion and then being victim of false reporting throughout their pregnancy. That is what I had to deal with in my life. I won’t have some jumped up posh woman who looks like a wannabe social worker (we don’t know if she actually was one or not) tell me that there’s more to everyone’s stories than the system just taking children. I included every single detail in my story on the about me page regardless of whether it made me look bad or not. There are parents hurting a lot because of losing their kids and videos like the one I saw on TikTok last night really don’t help them. There have been many parents that have committed suicide due to their kids being placed for adoption via court order. We also don’t know if this woman was an adopter. They do have quite warped one-sided views of the adoption system. It benefits them so they see it from a certain perspective. I am a victim of being sucked into a system as a youngster that then point blankly refused to let me go. I was used as a target when labelled a criminal (don’t believe in the crap where they deny the targets because back when I was first labelled there definitely were). Then once you’re labelled that is your life forever. Unless you somehow get rid of your autism or mental health issues (which isn’t a possibility if you’ve been traumatised by the system etc) you’re stuck in that situation. I got qualified myself to try to unravel myself out of the system and perhaps challenge the awful things that were written about me over the years. I’ve still got to get others to listen to me. If people look at me as not an equal person due to being autistic and having mental health issues then I’m still not going to get anywhere. I was middle working class growing up, due to what happened I got pushed to the level of druggies, alcoholics and benefit scroungers. Those that could have helped me decided to just go along with the system and I don’t have the money to pay some fancy lawyer to clear all the crap put on my name by the system.

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