A rare occurrence is happening tomorrow.

I have just got back from my walk so I cannot do a video addressing all the issues in that TikTok that woman made about things I had been through technically invalidating mine and the experiences of others in the system. She riled me up so much I feel that I need to script a video on here. I am going to record it when I have day clothes on. I got soaked in a downpour of rain while I was walking home so had to get food cooked while in the bath. I haven’t eaten all day so I’m not in the position to do a video at the moment. It isn’t something I generally do as a blogger. I don’t like videos or speaking but if I’m going to go out there to speak up and change things … I have to get used to doing the whole speaking thing. In the past being shy and only communicating via written communication got me treated badly. I’m prepared to do the whoever shouts the loudest thing and talk anyone down who is invalidating mine and the experiences of others. I’m not going on a video to create an argument amongst different types of people. I do hope that everyone shares it because speaking on camera about what I have been through is a huge deal to me.

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