Walking again… we are like second in the club leader board.

I am walking again but now I don’t feel under pressure because others have joined the challenge too. There wasn’t many on the list until yesterday. We are second on the leader board. I’m first on our clubs but now others have joined I am being rapidly caught up by other members getting points. The club in Barry seems to be in the lead so we literally need to get moving to overtake them into first place. I walk anyway. This victory isn’t really important to me personally. The prize is money toward a social thing at the club which I most likely won’t attend anyway despite walking the most points currently. Unless it’s karaoke or something it’s really not my thing. Gyms normally have sports related social activities so it probably won’t interest me anyway. I haven’t been karaoke for years. I can’t even remember how to sing so would sound awful anyway. I managed to get some housework done before I went out but it still looks like an utter tip. I thought my leg was going to give up yesterday but I increased my calories and now it no longer hurts. It’s not better yet and normally I don’t do mega long walks every single day. I’m loving how much weight this challenge has allowed me to drop. The weight has been stuck on me for ages and also my hormones have gone back to normal so for me it’s helped in other ways.

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