I can’t go into certain things on here.

Regular readers will know that I am somewhat open about my life on here. However, if I want certain things I cannot be open like I used to be. If A does decide to revoke the order at any point in the future I cannot say that on here. That would be sharing her decision which involves me but isn’t mine to share. That includes anything that happens between us. Or anything that does on between me and others. I may be able to make friends with certain people over time depending on things that happen but the jobs they do and the stigma is still as such that I cannot discuss details on a public blog. If I didn’t stick to these things then I would be taking the the piss and not being respectful to those that do not post their lives all over the internet. I really want A in my life in the future and everything sorted out. I have to show that I really want that by agreeing to keep it a secret and away from others so she will consider it.

Author: Diary of a Painfully Shy Introvert

A blog written by a female diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome but suspected PDA in more recent years. Musings of a Trainee Battleaxe was created to not only create awareness of the PDA part of the spectrum; but also to educate the public hopefully creating understanding in order to stop future generations being let down and labelled negatively. Disclaimer: There may be parts of this blog which viewers may find upsetting as it contains accounts of real life events which have been quite traumatic. However, it is all to help create a sense of understanding and combat the fear surrounding all aspects of mental illness and Pathological Avoidance Syndrome (a very little understood part of the autistic spectrum).

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