Visitor numbers have plummeted :(

I enjoy running this blog and have got into the pattern of posting on a daily basis. However, my visitor numbers have plummeted over the last week. They shot up during the summer and actually stayed at that level for a while. I was hoping that it would stay that way, but it’s trailed off into barely 200 a day max recently. I’m grateful for those that are still regular readers. I get that life is not great at the moment with the cost of living etc. I have to retain visitor numbers for my own career prospects. Writers have to remain relevant and I can’t do that if I’m not able to get my traffic flow back to the blog. I’m sorry that things are somewhat slow on this end. That is how it goes within the system. I also have to make it able to be punished because some things cannot be printed regardless of how I redact or rewrite certain parts. It’s like how my weight loss was for months. I woke up having lost weight again for the third time in a row after months of it yo-yoing. I was 73.8kg when I woke up today. I try my best with the resources I can get my hands on in any shape or form. I put in the work to get hold of information that the system doesn’t want out there. I don’t get paid for that kind of danger. I do it to build a reputation so that payment in the form of a book or whatever comes my way some day.

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