The snap fitness walking challenge.

I walk every day anyway so I joined it because I literally can’t go to the gym to train at the moment due to injury. I put a photo up there but of the back of my head showing my hair the other day. I don’t have a recent good front facing photo. I thought as I was 1 on the distance leader board I should at least put a photo up. Thanks everyone else for not pressing cheer on my name. I have pressed cheer on all the other people taking part in the app. I know that I don’t really need encouraging due to already being at the number 1 position but at least return the gesture. I know that I people don’t know me but I didn’t know them and still pressed the cheer button. I prefer not to be known. I keep myself to myself despite running a public blog. I have a huge tip for walking long distances. As long as you have your headphones in your ears and don’t take much notice of how much you’re aching then 20,000 steps (about two and a half hours walking) is done before even thinking about it putting it off because the thought of it seems too much. We are 7th in the ranking. I’m sure that people can do a bit more walking. Members could even walk up and down the gym because it’s large enough to make a considerable contribution to the walking outside steps.

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