I will NOT have my character assassinated when the system pushed me!

I have seen some of the notes in relation to my past. These ‘incidents’ were instigated by the authority’s actions/words. I was pushed to say every little thing that made others go against me. I was backed into a corner and pushed into meltdown mode on purpose so that the system would get their own way. Instead, I got up every single time which they did not expect. Has anyone realised that since I haven’t had so called support from the system that anger hasn’t materialised to the degree that it ever has in the past? Yes, I have been angry over unfair situations left permanent in my life which is normal … no one would not be angry about their child being ripped from them and an order against them just for behaviours related to autism and wanting a friend initially. That is why I went out here on the blog and spelled it out to the world. Rumours are made about quiet people who others don’t really ‘know’. I’m sure that it would be somewhat worse if I was male. I at least don’t have the kind of rumours single men have to deal with. I have to not get angry to sort everything out and that is hard. It feels unfair and I detest injustice.

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