I can’t represent others my background is too privileged.

I have been thinking about the fact that I represent under privileged people in the system on the blog etc. I don’t think that I can do that any longer. I grew up in a privileged background in comparison to a lot of others. I grew up in a two-parent family in my childhood, my dad passed away when I was 21 so I was grown up. I didn’t have parents that were drug or alcohol addicts. I wasn’t abused as a child but only as an adult. I was treated badly by school, but I don’t see that as abuse. I didn’t have all the latest named stuff at school, but I also didn’t live in poverty. I’ve never had to work to stay out of poverty because disability benefits were set up for me as a teenager and that luckily has carried on. I have been sectioned and in an adult care home, but I have never been homeless etc. I can’t relate to the things that people like A went through. That means I cannot be in that role via the blog talking about stuff I haven’t been through regardless of what is going on out there. Others are just going to look at me as an over privileged up herself woman who has no idea.

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