Well, today didn’t really happen.

Luckily I had nothing on today so I didn’t have to get up. The long walk yesterday around barwell, up to Hinckley town and back via barwell knocked me out after I finally got to sleep which wasn’t until really late… again. I am on a walk again, but this is short in comparison to get stuff I need locally and just to get out for a bit. It’s apparently going to rain all day tomorrow and I will most likely be on the worse day of monthly (if I haven’t managed to correct my hormone balance). Finally, the weight is starting to drop off so hopefully I have improved that area of things. I woke up today at 74.6 kg (163 lbs / 11 st 5 lbs). Apparently, I don’t look as big as I actually weigh. I am built petite and compact. Even when I was smaller, I managed to look like I probably weighed a stone less because of how I carry my body fat. I am only 5 ft 2. Apparently, that means I’m supposed to be under 10 st 7lbs to not be classed as overweight. That means regardless of whether I look overweight the measure system says I am. I also want to point out that the B.M.I system was made by a guy where mostly males participated in these studies due to gender roles at that time. Therefore, there was nothing about hormone fluctuations because men don’t have the same make up.

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