Well, today didn’t really happen.

Luckily I had nothing on today so I didn’t have to get up. The long walk yesterday around barwell, up to Hinckley town and back via barwell knocked me out after I finally got to sleep which wasn’t until really late… again. I am on a walk again, but this is short in comparison to get stuff I need locally and just to get out for a bit. It’s apparently going to rain all day tomorrow and I will most likely be on the worse day of monthly (if I haven’t managed to correct my hormone balance). Finally, the weight is starting to drop off so hopefully I have improved that area of things. I woke up today at 74.6 kg (163 lbs / 11 st 5 lbs). Apparently, I don’t look as big as I actually weigh. I am built petite and compact. Even when I was smaller, I managed to look like I probably weighed a stone less because of how I carry my body fat. I am only 5 ft 2. Apparently, that means I’m supposed to be under 10 st 7lbs to not be classed as overweight. That means regardless of whether I look overweight the measure system says I am. I also want to point out that the B.M.I system was made by a guy where mostly males participated in these studies due to gender roles at that time. Therefore, there was nothing about hormone fluctuations because men don’t have the same make up.

Psychics predictions…

Years ago, when I was at my most vulnerable, I used a lot of online psychics and felt conned out of a lot of my savings (most of that pot was compensation for a medical misdiagnosis as a child). They said a few things that might happen around this point of my life. The one I went to the most said that my son would reconnect with me when he was about ten. He has just turned that age. I know that I can’t prove it because I haven’t seen my son since 14 months old. I keep seeing a boy in recent months about that age in the local area who resembles what he could look like now. He keeps looking at me in a way that I cannot explain. It’s not how a child would look at a stranger. I am about the same weight that I would have been back then on the photos that were taken for the adoption process. That would mean that if this boy was my son then I would look familiar from those photos. I would never approach him or speak to him unless he came to approach me to talk. I don’t know if he was adopted locally but it would be ironic if I have been living in the same town all these years without being aware. Adoptions don’t generally happen in that much close proximity but occasionally it does happen. Then the same psychic said about things going on at the university before the vice chancellor left under a cloud of scandal. 10 years was also the prediction when me and A would sort things out and reconnect in some way. It’s nearly been 9 since all the uni stuff happened so if that is accurate too, I don’t have much longer left to wait. If these two things don’t happen, then the one they got right was probably somewhat a fluke and I was indeed royally conned. One thing that the psychic did say was that the uni had wanted to send people into class with me to monitor A as well as me because, apparently, she had also done things the uni disagreed with separate to my case. I didn’t want that because it wasn’t helpful. It would have singled me out from other students. The uni may have told those involved they wanted to help with accommodating my disability issues etc but they most certainly lied that they made an effort to come up with suggestions that weren’t degrading or disrespectful in nature.