I will keep saying certain things until others finally get it!

I don’t want to keep repeating this, but I will until people ‘get it’. I know that it seems ridiculous to others why I’m so insistent, but I absolutely cannot stand injustice. I was innocent but got pushed into pleading guilty for stuff that wasn’t my intention. The so-called harassment would never have happened if the university hadn’t taken the actions that they did. I only ever got done under this law because as an autistic person I wanted a friend. I never had any malice. The worse things I’ve ever done is say nasty things and accidentally threaten people in anger (in writing not in person). I made the blog to teach people that not everything is as clear cut as it seems. I was a good innocent person before I got labelled otherwise. I do not have a bad nature. I have only ever retaliated toward how I was treated for being different. It’s probably an appropriate topic for world mental health day. I don’t want things to stay as they are. I don’t care about the neurotypical system which says things must be done a certain way and then left. That doesn’t stop the way things are keeping me awake. I long for proper sleep and the injustice that was never fixed means I end up exhausted and unable to function. Even if I did want to do stuff in life I couldn’t because it’s messed my sleep pattern up so much. We need to start doing the things that just ‘aren’t normally done’ so that traumatised people do not have to live like this. The NT system is not fit for neurodiverse people. The so-called norms have to be open to discussion and a way forward that works for all put into action.

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