Disabled Air B n B host ‘sued’ for guests being traumatised by her disability… true or not?

This is a topic that is going around the disabled community on TikTok after a disabled woman, suffering from Huntingdon’s Disease, who claimed that she had guests in her Air b ‘n’ b that are attempting to sue her via challenging the equality act for her disability aids around her property ‘traumatising’ them. At first no one really said anything against her due to it being legit. Then groups of people started saying that the woman I question was a former scammer who had been done for fraud in 2011. The woman has since disappeared off of TikTok but that does not confirm that she was a fraud in the current circumstances. Those that become disabled do have a past prior to their disability setting in. She could have still been that woman and changed her name to leave behind her past. It has crossed my mind to do exactly that, but I ended up deciding that I was going to use my past to build my future with the blog etc. She may have disappeared because her past came out. That doesn’t make her not legit in regard to her current circumstances. The fact that she may have done an act of fraud in the past doesn’t mean she’s undeserving of support if the air b n b case is real. There is no proof either way. I stand on the fence here. I don’t want to disbelieve anyone and I know what it’s like to be judged on my past as a disabled person.

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