Long day. Tried to sort things out.

I managed to get the estate agent to authorise the job that needs doing in my bathroom but the plumbers that are meant to be doing it haven’t rang me yet. I had a mobile number ring me which I picked up. That wasn’t the plumber, it was the person I’d asked to look at the test results given to me by the GP in regard to the foot issue I had and related blood tests. I need to ring the GP up on Monday for a Rheumatologist (which apparently is going to take a year). It could be arthritis etc. It’s too long winded to go into the details I discussed on the phone. It’s my business and I have to sort it out because apparently the doctor I unofficially got a second opinion from doesn’t expect to see that kind of thing on a person of my age group (too young for that) and the blood levels that came back doesn’t make sense either despite the fact that my GP noted them down as ‘satisfactory’. I know that I probably do have something long term which isn’t going to be pleasant to live with as I get older. This is the price you pay for abusing painkillers and having a few years of bingeing on alcohol … kids it isn’t a good idea. I’m 35 in a few weeks but I feel like that age should be flipped most days. I’m always tired, can’t lose weight easily and my sleep pattern is somewhat a complete disaster. I kind of roll with it but it can be really irritating when you’re awake at a stupid hour. I was awake and aching last night. I wasn’t aching when I woke up after finally getting asleep so didn’t need to take a painkiller etc. I don’t take them unless I absolutely have to due to previously getting hooked on them. I still have a finger injury and knee injury that sometimes does get quite inflamed, so I have to take a dose. Ice works ok most of the time. I was waiting in line to pay for a chilled drink earlier. I put it just above my knee where it swells up to bring it down while I was waiting to pay in the queue. That didn’t help initially that much when I first injured it but now it’s like a quick fix. I still have a stiff finger which occasionally hurts but not often. It’s swollen though. I haven’t eaten all day because I literally got up later and went straight out. It’s not like my body is going to not be able to feed off its own fat though. I need to lose a few more stone so it won’t harm it to eat from its fat stores for about 15 hours. I last ate later in the evening last night. I had enough to really take me through until this evening. I had two meals yesterday so my body definitely won’t not have enough calories to last until this evening. I went for a little walk earlier in between the rain. I nearly did 10,000 steps. I can’t not move my knee when it does come up otherwise it gets stiff. I managed to miss the rain by a few minutes. It luckily cleared up by the time I’d got out the car.

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