Sleep actually happened easier earlier. / cat antics.

I was in bed by midnight and fell straight to sleep. I would have probably stayed asleep if I hadn’t got hot after leaving electric blanket on due to being cold earlier. Mimi then decided go wake me up. She’s getting hungry after I cut the feeding times due to Mister being too fat at the vets. She will get used to it but her pattern has changed so she is getting grumpy at me. She has nothing to complain about. If she was truly hungry then she would eat the dry food that I leave in the bowls in between feeds. I don’t leave a lot down at the moment because I don’t want Mister to overeat if he decides to have a snack on the dry stuff. He is starting to move about like his old self again over the last few hours so he will be burning more off. I started this demand feeding cycle which was a bad idea because I would give them half a sachet each every time they came to ask me. This not only caused Mister to get bigger but also I was spending more on food. You may think that you’re doing what is best for them but they will literally ask for more when they aren’t actually hungry. Sometimes it’s just them being bored so I either let them out or give them a toy to chase until they’ve got no more energy to be bored. It’s harder in the middle of the night when Mimi keeps tapping me because she’s learnt that on demand feeding pattern. I’m sure things will settle down. It’s early days of changing their pattern.

I woke up to get a drink of water and have an anti-inflammatory painkiller because my finger decided to swell up again. I know that I need to go the doctors to get it sorted out but I’m never awake at 8 am to ring for an appointment because sleep pattern. I probably should also mention my knee on that side too (even though it is nearly better) in case it’s linked in some way. I’ve had lots of injuries which have just ‘come up’ over the last few years. I injured my ankle by spraining it a few years ago. It healed but it took a long time to heal and when it finally did it still collects water regularly. Then my toe started swelling on the foot next to previously injured ankle. The x ray came back saying corrosion as a description of what they found. They ruled arthritis etc out. Then my knee kicked off which is only minor swelling up if I’ve walked quite far now. That is still a bit stiff but with putting ice on there regularly it’s taken down the swelling enough to heal a bit. Then my finger started swelling up after I felt something pop in it opening milk. That started healing but it’s gone back a bit. The finger isn’t so large and doesn’t hurt like it did initially. It’s just quite swollen and stiff. I can bend it but not properly due to it still being swollen. I barely take painkillers now so it’s doing ok healing without anti-inflammatory medication most of the time. I don’t know if it would heal faster if I did bring down the swelling with that medication a few times a week because that is what the cat was given for his issues and he seems to be healing after a few days of regular medication which is an anti-inflammatory painkiller. It is starting to ease off a bit now. I woke up earlier and it literally felt like it was tight and the swelling was squeezing my finger. The injury seems like it is right in the middle between my first two fingers. The socket feels ‘pulled’. That would explain the pop I heard before it started getting painful and swelled up initially.

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