Today has felt so long.

I finally had the meeting with the social worker that I rearranged. There was a lot of talk about historical stuff because my mother wanted to explain the stuff that happened with my son’s adoption. I’m probably going to have a parking fine again from the same cat park as the other day. We were over two hours because everything that got covered. She knows about the blog so I have to be careful what I say just in case she goes googling my name. I suddenly have huge thighs again. I woke up suddenly fatter this morning by 4 points. I’m so fed up of the insistence that my body continually wants to hold fat obsessively on all my curves. Elephant thighs are not needed … they are higher than many other people who are fatter with smaller thighs than me or the same size. I’m going for another walk while I’m not at home and not eaten today so my fasting effects should fix the slight gains.

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