Things seem to be going the ‘right way’.

I had my feet sorted today so that is one thing sorted. I have managed to make my hair a lot better. I will just glide the straightener over it tonight ready for tomorrow’s meeting. I presume that is still happening because I haven’t heard anything since the social worker said she was off to arrange it and find out the information I required.

I have cancelled my next covid vaccination after thinking back to when all my health issues started kicking off. I also gained a load of weight since the initial vaccination and booster. I injured my ankle which never has truly stopped being swollen even since it healed, then my little toe swelled up on that side. Then on the other side my knee and finger got injured. I want my injuries to heal and if I go for another one and I can say bye to that goal and getting the stubborn weight off. It messed up my hormones because it delayed my period for a week when I had the first dose. I am now having to exercise at least twice a day by going for a walk and doing toning exercises in bed at night. I’m doing all that and the weight still isn’t dropping off. I was 77.5 kg on 7th September and now I’m 75.4 kg on 3rd October. That is just over 4 lbs total loss. That is only a lb a week in those four weeks between those dates. I have been working hard enough to lose at least 2 lbs a week or more. The weight is refusing to come off properly even in a constant calorie deficit. I drink at weekends but that is only 900 ish calories or 1800 extra if I have two packs of alcohol (4 bottles) a weekend. I went out two days in a row to walk off at least 700 to 800 and sometimes 1000 if I go on a super long walk. I make sure that I balance out consumed calories and activities to burn them to keep the deficit consistent. I barely eat when I do have a weekend of chilling on the alcohol. As I said, to be balanced you simply can’t have too much food as well.

And, lastly, our PDSA registration has just come through. I can now book an appointment online if mister has to go back for his issues. He seems better but still not quite himself yet.

Well, today was a waste of time.

I barely got anything done today because I was focusing on trying to tone the ginger and yellow out of my hair using specific toning shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioning mask. I may have used a little much. Maybe I didn’t have to use all three products together and only put a thin layer on. I now have to redo it tomorrow with other shampoo to get it out. I’ve had to put oil in my hair overnight or it’s going to get extremely dry having to shampoo it again. If conditioner was just as good at removing the colour left in my hair then I would use that due to my hair being dry. I literally left all the housework so the place looks like a mess. I fell asleep and then went for a walk to keep up my weight loss progress. I have basically got to get up to repeat a hair washing. Then get housework done. Go out in the afternoon and then mums in the evening. Then I have to come back to try to straighten hair for Tuesday’s meeting. Meanwhile the gas has cost me nearly £7 in total today using the heating, gas to cook and the hot water. The electric wasn’t so bad but still finished at just over £3 on smart meter by midnight from midnight last night. So yeah, that is going to cost me more money to repeat a hair wash using hot water. The whole point of spreading out the tasks was so that I could pace myself. I can’t do that and straightening my hair less than a day after washing it isn’t helpful when you’ve got naturally dry coarse hair.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to have the next covid vaccine dose. I’m not keen on it but it’s still out there and many people just aren’t careful. It only comes down to one of those types to go around knowingly infecting everyone else. I still use hand gel, masks in hospitals etc and keep my distance from others but many people don’t do any of that anymore. I haven’t caught it yet but that is most likely due to being lucky so far. I’m worried about the potential side effects but not had really bad ones with the previous ones. Anyway, I have had a feeling I was going to die by my late 30s for years. I am literally only playing fate at its own game by going for the next vaccination. If it is really like the final destination films I will have near scrapes but I will end up killed in a freak accident or something. Avoiding things like the vaccine isn’t going to change what feeling I’ve felt since my mid 20s or fate if that feeling is accurate.