I am exactly what it says on the title of the blog.

Diary of a painfully shy introvert is exactly what I grew up being and still am. I just learned that I had to be more talkative to get things sorted. I can’t stay quiet because nothing will ever change. People ignore written communication but they cannot ignore someone who is speaking the truth about what goes on in the system out there. I am still very shy and reserved. I cannot wait to get into my home and shut the world out most days. If I don’t speak up about what I want and / or need then I continue to get treated like my past. I was labelled the way I was because I was too quiet and no one truly knew me. Quiet people always get assumption type gossip spread around about them. They are simply an easy target to label and by talking physically when I’m out nowadays it puts a stop to that crap. People don’t care about the truth when it comes to having fun gossiping. It is never the narrative of what actually happened or the true intentions of anyone. They will literally ‘make it up’ to fill in the supposed gaps. I will not have anyone assassinating my character for merely a bit of fun ever again! I grew up in a small down and I’m not afraid to tell people to simple yet fucked either in words or actions. People who have abused their power in positions locally have now had their power revoked now I’ve grown up and stepped on the scene.

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