Comfort zone out of range consists of sharp swords of anxiety.

I have been told several times about the fact that if I stepped out of my comfort zone I could have my name out there in a major way within a few years. I want the blog to get more popular but I’m petrified of video chat and phone calls for interviews with media outlets etc. I don’t even do phones or video chat as part of my personal life. Even if someone I know calls me on messenger I’m like reject f no. I feel the fear of anxiety go right up me. Even if I somehow retracted my no’s to being interviewed for other peoples stuff about the blog etc they probably won’t ask me again because I was so like … I do not do that! The only things I’ve ever participated with was things I did via messenger that was relaid in written form by others. I know that if my voice is broadcast and I articulate how I do on the blog in written form the blog could gain a lot more traffic. I also know that I cannot cover my whole story due to legalities which is something I can publish on the blog. I’m not even sure that I want my name to be everywhere in a few years. Fame can go really wrong. Maybe everything I want to achieve is behind the wall that my anxiety hasn’t allowed me to cross. I may not be allowed to have those things unless other things get done in my life which are way out of my comfort zone.

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