Allergies are ridiculous.

I woke up late as usual. I was awake briefly to sort a few things out but went back to sleep. I have really bad allergies at the moment. I have rashes which have come up all over my legs after I got hot last night (electric blanket). They are really itchy at times for tiny little dots. They definitely aren’t bites because they look different. I must be swelling up a bit because my weight had gone up when I woke up. This isn’t normal. Weight shouldn’t randomly pop back up a little after being down yesterday. I did have two meals instead of one yesterday so maybe that might be it. I think I might be allergic to egg because after eating it yesterday it made my stomach hurt and then those things came up on my legs. It’s weird because I don’t react every single time I eat it. I put scrambled egg in a sandwich which I have at least a few times a week. If I cook it enough I don’t react to it. I never under cook it in general. It’s just if it is a certain way I don’t react. Then I get a text about the next covid 19 vaccination. I’m not sure I want another. I am by no means an anti vaxxer. I had the first 3 reluctantly and it did mess up my hormones temporarily which they are still openly trying to deny is a thing. I’m as regular as clockwork unless something is wrong. I wasn’t dieting or really going at the exercise when I had the first one but it delayed me by a week. The dates reset themselves after 6 months which is how long the protection is supposed to last. I was fine with the second one but that is 12 weeks later and the original chemical is still there. I know that it is dangerous to let the online propaganda influence decisions but someone was talking about how there has been a lot more baby deaths since they rolled out the vaccinations. I don’t want that to happen if I do roll with the having another baby idea. I’m getting to that age where miscarriages can happen more easily anyway. I was third time lucky (unlucky) after my parents had two miscarriages before me slightly older than I am now. I have found out that there is always a small percentage of truth in everything that has been put out there online. I also never had an issue trying to lose weight before I had the vaccine. Although, I’m told that is age. I would be fine if it had the height but I’m small and dumpy built curvy which is the worse to be when your body naturally clings to fat. It really does that. I could feel the fat in my thigh last night and every so often it goes loose before the scale goes down again. I have greedy fat cells. I’m making that a thing. I swear that they fill with water before my weight goes down a bit, I can see this as a thing because of weighing myself every single day. I seem to get water in fat cells and go up on the scale when my body is about to go down. I’m hoping that it does because I have been in a calorie deficit for weeks and it’s gone down so I’m hoping it’s still doing that pattern.

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