There will be no entries until late tomorrow.

I am just letting everyone know that I will not be on the blog until at least late tomorrow. I am anxious so cannot think enough to write one. I have an important meeting tomorrow so tonight will be spent getting ready. I have to straighten my hair etc. I’m not dressing up. I’m going as smart. It will still be me though. What you see is literally all you’re going to get with me. Nope I’m not in court again but it’s still an important meeting. I’m careful how far I push others nowadays. I don’t over bug people to try to get what I want anymore. Anyway, I can’t be persistent to get what I need (want is probably more like a need) otherwise that doesn’t prove that I’ve changed as a person. If certain people didn’t want me like I was then they simply still won’t if I am the exact same way. If I don’t get all bugging in my nature then I have technically beaten my negative symptoms of BPD after many years of struggling with that side. I also have banned myself from having a favourite person which helps a lot. I probably won’t get any sleep tonight but I’m going to try.

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