Today has felt like two.

The going for a nap thing has made today feel like two days due to my pattern being sleep for hours, wake up for a few over a long period of time. Anyway, I’m going to sound crazy here (which I know is somewhat normal) but the first time I woke up today I am sure that I saw the shape of the queens head on my wall made by the sun outside. That wasn’t too crazy because since her death her head shape has been appearing in clouds around the country. I woke up the other day after being wiped out by my migraine. I saw a younger version of what the queen was in this current time dressed in a massive quilt looking gown and then Prince Phillip as he looked in his younger days flash up next to her and then they disappeared. I saw it on my wall but I was in the just about to wake up stage so I was probably only just out of my dream state. I may have been having a dream featuring them but I can’t remember dreaming and I don’t have dreams much when I’m ill. That happened shortly after I posted mentioning what was caught on camera audio during her funeral. I now fully believe that she has reunited with him but for that whole week I was unsure and that audio confirmed it for me. Why would the queen of England come to be after her death though? I’m a nobody, never met her while she was alive and only wrote to her once that I can remember for her jubilee. I wrote to a lot of people during Jonny’s adoption who were in power. I know that I wrote to Kate and William because they had just had their first child near the time Jonny was taken from me. I cannot remember what I said at that time. It could have been anything. I was traumatised and working on autopilot. I never received a reply from the jubilee one. I think I got one of those sorry to hear about your situation letter back from K and W’s team. The cat looked really scared earlier like he had seen something and actually peed. I did say that I draw the line at things hanging around scaring the cats. I will step in to smudge stuff with smoke if I have to. I don’t know if the queen looked at my blog link. I very much doubt it. Although, just a few days before she passed away I was I talking about hanging around in local graveyard releasing the trapped ones that mentally pulled me back there a few days later. That gave away the fact that spirits can communicate with me easily. I literally never really thought about her as a person when she was alive. We literally had opposite types of lives. I was never going to be in those circles. I wrote to her during the jubilee like many others did, purely out of kindness and to congratulate her on getting to her platinum jubilee. I didn’t even expect a reply because she would be inundated with correspondence due to lots of people thinking the exact same way. She also has people to go through mail so it would be unlikely she got to see all the letters etc that she received this year for her jubilee. I can just imagine someone gave her a box full of the ‘best bits’ and I definitely wouldn’t be included in they selection.

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