Processing hoping I’m not allergic.

I have had the bleach on my hair for long enough now to chill out about being potentially allergic to it. I was nervous after the last time when a red mark developed on my neck. It went down and I was fine so I did my whole head tonight to get rid of some roots and … more importantly… get rid of the ginger parts. The roots weren’t too bad in most places but I pulled all the back lengths to the front because they weren’t done properly like the front previously. It’s hard bleaching your own hair as it is … try having a mass bush like nest on your head. I have got used to it but it’s taken years of practice to bleach my hair. The early days when I was in my twenties wasn’t a pretty sight. I managed to ruin it and split my hair so many times back then. I kind of just touch up every so often now I’m older. Less is sometimes more effective when dealing with bleach. The home bleaching kits nowadays are a lot better than those that were available a decade ago. The fact that I had to build up my energy to bleach my hair (it took me an hour to apply it, using 3 boxes of mixture) says a lot about how high maintenance my hair type is… thick is like an understatement. I had thick hair on both sides ( mother and father) so extra thickness. Then adding bleach to the mix swells the already thick strands making it super thick.

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