Another sleepless night.

I have spent half the night bleaching my hair. I finished that at about 4 am. I am feeling cold despite putting the heating on before I went to bed. It doesn’t help with my hair still being damp. It’s drying slowly but it’s still wet a bit. I wish it would dry quicker it’s making me uncomfortable. I’m not laying on the lengths so it should be in the right place to dry off more. I am tired. I literally can’t use my brain to think about anything at the moment. I can’t move in my own bed because the cats have sandwiched me in the middle of them. I feel trapped which isn’t helping me sleep any time soon. It’s 24th September. The date that something is supposed to happen. I will probably most likely sleep through whatever it may be due to sleep pattern being a mess. If we get nuked or something today then I am saying bye in advance because I’m doubtful that I will be awake and if I’m asleep I can’t escape it. It’s highly unlikely to happen but just in case.

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