Nights are peaceful.

I am kind of sleepy tonight so I will probably be asleep soon. I was nearly asleep but got up to go toilet. The cats tried to follow me and ask for food barely three hours after they were fed. I still have my cold so my nose and head keep filling up. I got hot from having electric blanket on too long. I need to put ice on my knee and finger tomorrow to bring down swelling from injuries. I hit my finger right on the joint that was injured tonight when I was getting shopping out of my car. It’s like something pushed my hand into it. The cats have now gone back to sleep on my bed for the night. I am naturally a night person, maybe due to being born at 9pm in the evening. Night time has got it’s own vibe. It’s peaceful… providing you’re in the right place where there is no dangers lurking in the darkness (for instance when you’re on a night out). I don’t know how to describe it. The feeling is just different to daytime.

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