It’s keeping me awake again.

The things that I want to happen so much is keeping me awake again because my intuition knows that no one will ever give me what I need. A definitely won’t and my intuition says it will never happen. S won’t ever be friends with me again. That I’m not so bothered about because I never really felt appreciated when we used to talk online for a bit. I need the whole order thing to be sorted out with A though. That’s not just a want. The whole situation really stamped on my confidence. I won’t properly fully repair until I have sorted it all out. If she won’t do what I need then it’s going to be left unfinished forever. That will result in me being kept awake by it forever. I can’t do this much longer. I need proper sleep and my sleep pattern sorted. I can feel my migraine coming back through stress that I feel in relation to things never happening because my intuition is telling me the other half of situation has no intention of sorting things. I can’t let go of what I need. I have my head knowing reality and what I truly want fighting… intuition fighting in the middle sensing that they don’t give a shit so nothing will change.

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