Day: September 23, 2022

  • Cycles are hard to break.

    I haven’t been awake long because that sleep pattern is so hard to break out of with that constantly on my mind (see previous blog entry). I have such a messy flat because if I’m going for a walk I have not much time when I get back to clean. That isn’t great for my […]

  • It’s keeping me awake again.

    The things that I want to happen so much is keeping me awake again because my intuition knows that no one will ever give me what I need. A definitely won’t and my intuition says it will never happen. S won’t ever be friends with me again. That I’m not so bothered about because I […]

  • Nights are peaceful.

    I am kind of sleepy tonight so I will probably be asleep soon. I was nearly asleep but got up to go toilet. The cats tried to follow me and ask for food barely three hours after they were fed. I still have my cold so my nose and head keep filling up. I got […]