There is so much dodgy stuff online at the moment.

I had an early night and am still not asleep. I may as well cover the dodgy stuff that is circulating online right now.

I will start with this 24th September thing. I don’t know what it is about but something is ‘going to happen’. I am the type of person who believes in the fact that people can and have predicted things but in this case I think it’s come from a German political broadcast and ended up spread as the date for a potential large event. I don’t feel with my own intuition that we necessarily have anything to worry about. There is always a chance that the likes of Putin will start tossing nuclear weapons at western countries if he feels threatened. That may not have a specified date linked to it. He could do that at any point. We can’t say it won’t happen. If someone had said there was going to be a pandemic a decade ago, we would have said that is bullshit and not believed whoever was saying it. We don’t know whether there will ever be a nuclear attack. It’s unlikely but with mad men like Putin in power around the world the chances of it occurring is heightened. Even if we somehow survived a nuclear attack, most of us would probably be poisoned and slowly die of radiation poisoning. I’m not saying that this will happen on the specified date because I can’t pick anything up for the date everyone keeps talking about.

The next thing is the video of the Queen’s funeral precession heading into the main part of London on the ITV coverage. There is the voice that sounds like Princess Diana’s saying ‘death is irreversible’ then trailing off into another sentence which is covered by the voice over guy. It either says ‘she is trapped’ or ‘she is travelling’. I have listened to it. I do find it a little creepy but open minded enough to believe that something like this could cause the spirit of a former royal to be present. Technology does pick stuff up that we can’t hear. The Queen herself has only just passed over. She may not have made the transition to whatever the other side is yet. The whole week of mourning may have prevented this from happening. If the voice was legit a spirit that we identified as Diana’s then she was probably telling people to let her go. If there were hardcore royalists (I’m not one of them but apparently they exist) who was wishing she was still alive and really wanting that. She wouldn’t be able to rest. She’s had all eyes on her coffin for 10 days. As soon as she died the news was reporting it. The family live in a media goldfish bowl. There is no way a spirit of the deceased could possibly transition until the whole event had ended. She can probably go where she needs to now that the coffin has been placed in the vault because it’s finally all quiet. Then she will meet up with her husband again. It most likely didn’t happen as soon as she passed. The double rainbow over the palace in London not long after her death had been announced was most likely her trying to transition. There was weird shaped clouds that resembled the queen too just hours after she had passed. Every spirit that crosses over is lost in the immediate aftermath of their physical deaths. Those of us that understand certain things can make sense of what the voice said on the television footage. She probably couldn’t even reunite with Prince Philip or any of her other relatives until the whole 10 day mourning thing and funeral was over. Hopefully she can at this point because after being Queen surrounded by people constantly you probably don’t want to be on your own for eternity.

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