I got up earlier but now I just need my bed.

I am still not well. I got rid of migraine days ago but I have no energy. I managed to go for a walk yesterday but drained now after pushing myself. I haven’t been able to taste things properly today. Even my sense of smell is dodgy too. Everything, including food / drink tastes like a collection of chemicals. I took a covid test twice. They were both negative. I’m hoping that I can smell and taste normally soon because this is going to be horrible if it is permanent. I can basically only taste and smell the chemical base of everything. It’s like being surrounded by cleaning products and eating cleaning products. I have never experienced this before. It will probably help me lose weight because everything literally tastes absolutely awful. How can I eat / drink when all I can taste is pure chemicals? They’re literally unpleasant to put in my mouth. I don’t even like the smell of the environment around me. It smells of stale burnt wood. That is the best way I can describe it. The smell is very distinctive. It’s like being in a sawdust mill or something. I went to bed because I’m too exhausted to function moving around. I was trying to reset my sleep pattern but I’m not comfortable on the sofa. I had to summon the energy to have a bath and comb out the fleas on the cats (if I don’t take their fleas daily it doesn’t keep them down, eventually the weather will go cold enough outside to stop them being reinfected). I still have a slightly injured swollen finger but at least it doesn’t hurt to do stuff at this point. I had to use my hand I don’t normally use for a few weeks. I have things to do so I really hope I’m better tomorrow. I can’t keep putting stuff onto the next day. I’m just going to end up overwhelmed with a list of stuff that I haven’t had the energy to do.

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