Religion… why are we fighting over something we cannot prove?

I have just seen the videos coming out of Leicester showing clashes between Hindus and Muslims. I am not religious nowadays. I was born into a family who went to a Christian church which I only know was United Reformed due to it coming up in conversation with my aunt from dads side. I was baptised into it when I was a baby and remember being taken to Sunday school (adults went to Sunday church service, little kids were put in a room together to talk about bible stuff etc) by my Grandparents on that side. I was very young so barely remember it. I understand that religion is an important part of peoples lives but we shouldn’t be having trouble breaking out due to those disagreements. I don’t know the specific details of why things are kicking off in Leicester. I just really don’t like how much conflict religious beliefs cause. We don’t have to agree with aspects of each other’s beliefs. However, to attack each other on the basis of aspects of religion is completely unacceptable. We can’t even prove what is right or wrong, who is right or wrong about anything in relation to religion. I am mostly vegetarian. Many years ago, a Jewish friend of mine took me out to a Jewish restaurant while I was in London. I don’t know why they won’t serve meat and vegetables in the same meal but it’s not for me to say that I wouldn’t eat it because I personally couldn’t understand why that religion has those rules. There really is no point in causing arguments over details of religion. I really don’t want to offend anyone but to me it seems to just cause problems. It is just another thing that divides people and that causes arguments which simply cannot be settled due to none of us really knowing what is right or wrong. I don’t do religion simply because I don’t believe in the things that the religion I was born into said about everything. That is my choice. I can’t reverse my baptism etc but I feel more like I was re baptised with fire as I grew up. I’m probably frowned upon by religion anyway as I have openly done many things which are seen as sins. I also think that many people who are ‘psychic’, ‘intuitive’, or have precognitive dreams are seen as evil by a lot of religions too. I won’t step foot inside a church and haven’t been in one for many years. I don’t feel welcome by the energies that dominate those places. I would be seen as a demon as soon as I walked through the door regardless of if it was a Christian church or equivalent other religious worship building.

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