I am nearly better.

I’m not getting my hopes up yet but headache has seemed to become less migraine type now. It’s still there because my nose and head is currently full up despite blowing my nose a lot. It’s not covid. The test said negative. I have stiff joints too at the moment. I keep clicking them when I stretch. I get colds quite badly so it’s probably just the start of one of them. The cats are now inside and fed so I can have an undisturbed night. I don’t want to be totally disrespectful so I’m going to try to get up at a decent hour while the queens funeral is happening. I don’t particularly wish to watch it but I feel kind of wrong laying in bed sleeping while an event like that is happening. I need to reset my sleep pattern. I might bleach my hair roots and gingery lengths if I am feeling back to normal. It’s a very long process which you don’t want to do with a migraine. I have to be up way before late afternoon to do that as I have plans to go out in the evening. I was going to put the pink on my hair but it’s not going to be even if the base isn’t evenly bleached. I had planned to get it light and then use bright colours to temporarily change my hair ever so often. I just haven’t completed the whole process yet. I have to do something with it because the roots, gingery parts and pure white bits where the toner worked are like three different colours making it look messy. I need to lift the roots and gingery parts. I actually feel sleepy at a reasonable time tonight so hopefully I will drop off with no problems soon.

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