She never helped me.

I may as well cover this while I’m still thinking about what happened today. ‘A’ may go on about helping people but she didn’t make an effort to help me. She decided that I wasn’t worth helping. She let the university do whatever they wanted to me and then started calling me awful things like ‘stalker’. She basically took an active role in what started at the university. I got kicked out and eventually imprisoned due to the restraining order which was made. She could have helped me in the subsequent years that have passed but she never did. I haven’t even had an apology. The persona she shows to the world is definitely not what she actually is at all. I may have lied but I was backed into a corner by the actions of others around me. I was a scared twenty something that had been through hell before our paths crossed. I took a chance to trust her and then regretted that. Now I can’t trust anyone I meet because of what she did. I am very closed off to any relationships or friendships nowadays due to all that. I don’t want to get seen in a bad way or accused of stuff which isn’t my intention.

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