I am not quite better yet.

I still have a migraine from hell. I was in bed most of the day. I was going the supermarket earlier to get bits I needed as tomorrow they are closed. I popped to the shop for a drink (not alcohol) when I woke up. I got those few bits from there. I wasn’t going to go for a walk but I have decided to go at the last monkey. These migraines sometimes last for days and my weight has pinged back up so I need to push it back down. The whole skinny 90s look seems to be making a comeback due to certain celebrities deciding they aren’t going to be doing the curvy thing any longer. I need to do the roots of my hair and the gingery ends but there is no way I can do that with this migraine. I don’t have friends who can do it for me. I am fine to do it myself when I’m ok myself. I can barely do social media for more than a few minutes without behind my eyes hurting. I went out with a t shirt on despite it being cold because I’m like a walking heat source at the moment. I’m not going to get cold if in generating heat from whatever is wrong with me. I feel comfortable walking out here when others have coats on. I haven’t done a covid test yet but I’m not really going near people being outside. It’s going to be on my list of never ending jobs to do at home… which even when I do them it still ends up in the same state.

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