I hate being awake!

I have barely been awake for half an hour and I’m already exhausted. I got rudely awoken by Mimi (cat) reminding me that I was on breakfast duty. I fell asleep with a bra on (not a proper one, those fabric comfort things) which made me wake up feeling like something was bound tightly around me. I’m beyond tired. Even mentally I’ve had enough. I keep accidentally pulling my injured finger which results in it swelling up again. It’s nearly a normal size now but it’s stiff again this morning. I can’t do anything properly because it’s my main hand. I write with that side and hold most things automatically in that hand. I have tried to swap hands to do stuff while I was injured but I don’t have the same amount of strength in the other one. I just don’t want to be awake because I have no energy to actually function today. I will probably go back to sleep for a few hours.

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