Rest day.

I say that this is a rest day but I’m still doing stuff around my flat. I finally washed my hair and deep conditioned it (it takes me two hours due to do due to how thick / long it is and the length of time the deep conditioner needs to stay on). I don’t know why I’ve bothered trying to lose weight this week. I have gained weight again. I’m currently comforting mister who got upset with the cat that keeps coming around. He got so upset that he peed which he hasn’t done for a long time. I am trying to type while he has plonked himself on my lap. He seems comfortable so I’m not allowed to move. I actually put the heating on for the first time in months because it’s gone cold now. I have a lot water bottle on my feet and a blanket around me so once the air gets warm I will be able to turn it off and stay warm.

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