It’s stupid o clock again and I’m still awake.

I missed coronation street this evening so watched it in the middle of the night. I did exercises in bed while I was watching it because still trying to slim down. I am determined not to let the fat stay on me. If I’m always moving and in a calorie deficit it can’t stay on me. It will have to drop off. I don’t have my ESA payment yet. We are supposed to get it today if our payment was due on Monday. It still has chance to come in if they decide to pay it tomorrow night going into Saturday. That doesn’t normally happen but this was a last minute bank holiday only confirmed earlier this week. I normally get my ESA payment the Thursday before if payment is due on a bank holiday. Those payments are all lined up authorised automatically to work around pre-existing bank holidays. I guess we will just have to wait and hope that they’ve set it up for Friday night / Saturday morning. That may mean that we won’t all get it at that point because banks don’t process payments during weekends. That may mean that we can’t access that money until Tuesday when everything reopens. I managed to find one cat. He came in. I’m hoping the other cat comes to the window soon so that I can sleep without being disturbed.

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