Day: September 16, 2022

  • I need to do something to not be seen the same.

    The news has yet again published a case that may lead to assumptions about me after what I got labelled as in the past. I’m autistic, therefore the reason I got into trouble was that I wanted friends and I hadn’t a clue how to make/keep them. I’m a little more able as I got […]

  • Rest day.

    I say that this is a rest day but I’m still doing stuff around my flat. I finally washed my hair and deep conditioned it (it takes me two hours due to do due to how thick / long it is and the length of time the deep conditioner needs to stay on). I don’t […]

  • It’s stupid o clock again and I’m still awake.

    I missed coronation street this evening so watched it in the middle of the night. I did exercises in bed while I was watching it because still trying to slim down. I am determined not to let the fat stay on me. If I’m always moving and in a calorie deficit it can’t stay on […]