It’s gone so cold! Rest day over!

I know that it is supposed to be colder near September but for the last few weeks I haven’t needed a jacket to go out. I was in short sleeves for a few weeks. I popped to Hinckley for the cats food (the one I have to buy since mister developed an issue and started peeing around my home if I don’t keep control of it). I also asked about the flea stuff they has stopped working again. They always do eventually. I have resorted to combing out the fleas after they’ve been outside on a daily basis, spraying my flat daily so that they have no where to go, I use lavender wash on myself so that the fleas are repelled from me which stops me getting bitten. I’m making it as uncomfortable as possible for them to live in the inside environment. Lavender is something that fleas don’t like. There are other things but that is what I already had in my home. Anyway, apparently I should ring the vet so I can get stronger stuff to put on the cats.

I haven’t washed my hair this week because it’s a nightmare to control. It is starting to itch so I can’t leave it much longer. The darker roots are getting longer but when I’ve been the hairdresser it’s the flattest and controlled my hair can look so until it is really itching badly it’s staying that way for another few days. It’s hard to manage. I don’t get the back well when it’s getting longer either. I want it long but my bag has other ideas. The strap keeps catching and pulling at my hair ends even when I try to pull it over. The weight will control it as it gets longer but it’s getting to that point. I’m not dirty by leaving it. There isn’t even any build up in it yet. It’s only my scalp that is slightly itchy. Anyway, my rest day yesterday is officially over. I now have to walk miles again to lose more weight. I need to go back for my car at some point.

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