I don’t know if the truth will help after all this time.

I know that I have to do something to help with putting the past right. I don’t know whether the truth being put out there in the right places (not in public) will be the right thing to do. I had the guts to unblock A so that the lines of communication can be open if she wants to lay everything to rest from the past stuff. I will probably get nothing from her anyway if she ignores me like she did for a long time. I put her account on block because I don’t want an unpleasant conversation about things that have happened. I have paid for what happened in the past. I have a peaceful life now and don’t want others messing it up. I can’t not say what lies I told at that time to the university. It is the right thing to do. It is probably pointless to change the past in reality but I may sleep better. I will be a little less haunted by everything.

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