Day: September 15, 2022

  • Fate being different could have changed my life completely.

    This isn’t specifically getting at the NHS but it’s saying what happened in a series of events led to the reality that I find myself today. The NHS didn’t find what killed my dad in 2010 and to be honest the treatment they gave him for his lung condition was basically a load of medications […]

  • It’s gone so cold! Rest day over!

    I know that it is supposed to be colder near September but for the last few weeks I haven’t needed a jacket to go out. I was in short sleeves for a few weeks. I popped to Hinckley for the cats food (the one I have to buy since mister developed an issue and started […]

  • I don’t know if the truth will help after all this time.

    I know that I have to do something to help with putting the past right. I don’t know whether the truth being put out there in the right places (not in public) will be the right thing to do. I had the guts to unblock A so that the lines of communication can be open […]

  • Really bad night :(

    I have a migraine coming on which hasn’t helped my bad night. I also started my finger injury off again so that has gone quite swollen. I’m hoping that it goes down soon. It’s on the 6th week of healing and is no longer that large in comparison to what it should be. Insomnia is […]